Spray Foam Reactor Troubleshooting Tips

A Quick List of Spray Foam Reactor Troubleshooting Tips

Are you often fighting with the rigors of your spray foam device? One of the most frequent culprits in troublesome machines is the spray foam reaction. Spray foam reactors and proportioners are vital elements of the spray foam line-up. What should you do when the equipment struggles against you, flashing an error after error? Find some simple tips for solving the problems with spray foam reactors and mistakes you might encounter.

Reactor Error Codes

Spray foam reactor error codes signal the contractor of the existence of a particular issue with the device. Reactors may encounter various issues working and can be affected by high fluid temperatures to the failure of communication between components within the machine. Since all reactors differ and have different requirements, the best method to fix these error codes is to consult your particular instructions manual for your machine and refer to the error code. Continue reading to discover some of the most frequent errors that can be encountered.

Issues with Temperature

An error code common to several proportioners and reactors can be found in the temperature code. If the temp of the spray foam mixture is higher than the specified range, your reactor might show an error message. Temperature error codes may result from damaged thermocouples, poor control board connectivity, loose wires, or failures in heater elements. To fix this issue, check the temperature reading, clean and reconnect the connections, and verify there are no loose wires. If you still have issues, you should schedule an appointment for a professional inspection.

Connector or electrical error

Your spray foam reactor or proportioner may notify you when disconnecting cables, sensors, or other parts. If these issues occur, then the temperatures of the spray foam mixture may become unstable, and you may be at risk of compromising the safety that you get from your spray foam application and other equipment. To address issues like those, your manual for your reactor might suggest unplugging and reconnecting these wires or sensors. If the problem persists, you should consider scheduling an inspection of your unit or replacing the component.

Don’t let a reactor issue or proportioner malfunction cause you to put your spray foam task on hold. Remember these spray foam reactor troubleshooting suggestions and refer to your instruction manual to get your equipment back in operation. If your machine needs replacement parts to restart work having spare parts in stock can be helpful. Get your hands on the Graco spray machine from ArmorThane to be ready for any situation.